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Investor Relations

Our commitment to our stakeholders
At Barricade, we view our relationship with investors as a journey marked by mutual trust, transparency, and the shared goal of achieving outstanding results. Our dedication to safeguarding our clients' interests is as fundamental to our operations as our commitment to delivering consistent, long-term value to our investors. It's in our DNA to prioritize the well-being and success of our clients, reflecting a broader commitment to excellence that benefits all stakeholders. By choosing Barricade, our investors embark on a path of reliability and strength, where their investments are not just transactions but a partnership aimed at fostering security and prosperity. Welcome to Barricade, where your investment goes beyond financial returns to embody a culture of care, integrity, and shared success.

Our board of directors

Janicke Allers

Janicke Allers is a highly accomplished investor, advisor, and business leader with a distinguished career spanning various leadership positions at Equinor. As our esteemed Chairman of the Board, she brings extensive experience and strategic insight to our organization. Janicke's track record of success and her commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset in guiding our company towards continued growth and prosperity.

Jens Petter Glittenberg

Jens Petter Glittenberg, a distinguished investor, advisor, and business luminary, is renowned for his pivotal role in building, leading, and co-founding numerous prominent enterprises including Meltwater. As both a board member and hands-on advisor, he brings invaluable experience and strategic acumen to our organization. His impressive track record of achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence underscore his key role in steering Barricade towards expansion and prosperity.

Anne Hasselgren

Anne Hasselgren is a distinguished leader and co-founder of one of Scandinavia's largest IT consulting companies. She possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the latest technological trends and know-hows. Her insights and understanding are invaluable in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of IT, making her a pivotal figure in the tech industry. Anne is also a board member and advisor for Barricade.

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