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Barricade is committed to ensuring that the Customer trusts the company and how Barricade processes the Customer's personal data. Therefore, this privacy statement explains why Barricade collects information about the Customer, how Barricade uses this information, and how it takes the Customer's privacy into account. 

Personal data are details and assessments that can be linked to an identifiable individual. This may include name and contact information or information about interests. 

The use of personal data must comply with the personal data act. Barricade, as the data controller, will ensure that the use of the Customer's personal data complies with the laws. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets a number of requirements for Barricade for the collection and use of the Customer's personal data. Everything Barricade does with this information will be in line with the regulation. The processing of personal data is necessary for Barricade to fulfill its contractual obligations, according to the Norwegian GDPR Article 6 (1) b. 

All personal data, except images and videos, are stored in Barricade's systems. 

Barricade collects and processes the following of the Customer’s personal data: 

Name, address, telephone number, email address, customer number, payment details, contract details, images and video recordings, data on customer activities and the alarm system.

How does Barricade process the Customer's personal data? 

The processing of these personal data is in almost all cases necessary for Barricade to be able to fulfill its part of the agreement. 

The processing has the following purposes: 

- To enter into the contractual relationship, Barricade needs information about the Customer’s contact details. These include name, address, telephone number, email address, customer number, and payment details. 

- The agreement's payment structure also requires Barricade to process the Customer's payment details. 

- In the event of a failure or other fault in the alarm system, Barricade will process data about the alarm system to be able to restore functionality. 

- Data on customer activities are processed in cases where the Customer makes changes to their system, or communicates with Barricade.

Who has access to the Customer's personal data? 

In some cases, it may be necessary for Barricade to share the Customer's personal data with a third party. This can occur if there is a legal basis from public authorities that obligates Barricade to do this.  

Barricade’s tasks require in some cases expertise from external actors. This will typically be IT providers, billing service providers, marketing providers etc. In this context, it may be necessary for Barricade to share some customer details.

How long does Barricade store the personal data? 

Barricade does not store the Customer’s personal data longer than necessary. 

The personal data are stored from the beginning of the contractual relationship until it ends. The data will then be anonymized and deleted. Further use will exclusively be for statistical purposes. 

The agreement between Barricade and the Customer is deleted after 5 full fiscal years. 

Data from the alarm system are deleted 3 years after the customer relationship ends.

Customer Rights 

As a result of the contractual relationship, the Customer has a number of rights under the Norwegian data protection legislation. These can be enforced by contacting Barricade directly ( The following rights can be exercised by the Customer under the Norwegian data protection legislation: 

- The Customer has the right to access personal data which Barricade processes. This also applies if the personal data is transferred to a third party or to an international organization. 

- The Customer has the right to have incorrect personal data corrected without undue delay.  

- The Customer can under certain circumstances demand that the storage of personal data be stopped. For example, if the storage no longer serves its original purpose. 

- Certain circumstances also indicate that the Customer can demand that the processing of personal data be restricted. A case would be if the Customer disputes the accuracy of this data. 

- The Customer has the right to be informed about corrections and deletions of personal data. 

- The Customer has the right to data portability. 

- The Customer can object to the processing of personal data 

- The Customer also has the right to file a complaint with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. 

- Withdraw consents that the Customer has given to Barricade. 

- The Customer has the right to contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, but it is preferable to resolve any uncertainties directly with Barricade. The processing time will be much faster, and misunderstandings with a third party will be avoided.  

Over time, there may be changes to this privacy statement. The Customer will be notified if there are changes that will be significant. The latest version of the privacy statement will always be available on Barricade's website. 

If the Customer wishes to get in touch with Barricade, this can be done through the following contact information: 

Email address:

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