Unified System for Security Companies

Our all-in-one system enables your security companies and their customers to manage intrusion, fire, video, access control, and more through a single, intuitive interface. 
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Alarm system
The Barricade Alarm, developed in collaboration with Crow provides a comprehensive security solution for residentals and SMEs, integrating advanced hardware and software.
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Video Surveillance
Discover our cloud-managed Barricade Vision (CCTV), developed in partnership with Provision ISR, featuring high-quality cameras and user-friendly interface.
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Barricade BackOffice delivers a comprehensive CRM solution that empowers security companies to monitor, manage, and bill with unparalleled efficiency.
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Explore our Guard Mobile and Barricade Guard solutions, offering precise guard tools and efficient backoffice management for streamlined security operations.
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Product Features

Get Rid of Technical Complexity

Technical complexity should not hinder your progress. We have engineered our systems to provide clear, streamlined experiences, ensuring technology serves you, not the other way around.
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Our Technology, Your Identity

Let your colors fly high in the marketplace; Barricade stands behind you, ensuring it's your brand, your logo, and your vision that captures the spotlight.
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The Best End-to-End System for Security

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with Barricade platform. 
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Our story

Barricade began as an alarm company, with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the alarm industry to create a simpler, safer, and be more cost-effective in the marked. After operating for several years, we recognized the challenge of finding a system that consolidated all necessary functionalities in one place. The need was clear; to streamline operations, conserve resources, and facilitate growth. This realization sparked the idea behind Barricade.
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Product Features

Discover the versatility of the Barricade system 
End-to-end system
An exceptional end-to-end system that delivers seamless functionality and superior performance.
Customer management
Customer management isn't just about managing relationships; it's about nurturing them with care and attention.
Easily implement smart home features like Philips Hue, Yale Doorman 
and more.

Data privacy
Tested by third-party assessments, our commitment to data privacy ensures reliability and credibility.
Increase efficiency
Letting you focus on what you 
do best, ensuring security 
for the end user 
User friendly
A user-friendly system for the end-user, alarm company, and installer, ensuring simplicity and efficiency for all.
Logs and history
Ensure you always have access to your logs and history.
With barricade you will always have a support team in your back

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